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Welcome to the writing page!

This is the page for things I've written. I dislike censoring myself when I'm writing and as a result, I wouldn't recommend these pages for children. However, I have tried to include content warnings at the top of each page.

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List of writing

Hypergamma - I review two French touch albums

Fast food reviews - i love junk food

The plasticdino Halloween special!! - A non-horror fan watches some horror movies

I reviewed every Aira Mitsuki album - My thoughts on every Aira Mitsuki album

Plasma review - My thoughts on the latest Perfume album

Wacca Moment - I played arcade rhythm games for the first time

Neocities Webcomics - my favourite underrated neocities webcomics

I have a social media addiction - Article about realising I'm addicted to social media and what to do about it

Hypnospace Outlaw Thoughts - informal review of the web nostalgia simulator

2022 Book reviews - reviews of varying lengths of books read in 2022