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Welcome to my website! pink pixel icon of a house

This is Kitty's corner of the internet. Feel free to explore!

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link to me:

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Can I use [thing you made]?

If it's on the meme page or graphics page then yes! I appreciate a link back but it's not necessary.

My collage art is also under this creative commons license.

What do you use to make stuff?

For this site: Firefox, Notepad, Sublime Text and the Neocities IDE.

Collage art: mostly Sharpie, acrylic paint and found objects like food packaging.

Graphics, GIFs and memes: Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro

Digital art: MS Paint

Why do you go by she/they?

I'm non-binary icon of a hand doing a peace sign

Can you help me with my site?

Maybe! I'm not a real web developer and I won't be able to help with anything relating to JavaScript or embedding something. Other than that, I will try to help if I can! I recommend looking at resources like W3Schools first though.

what does plasticdino mean?

plastic = name of my favourite album + evokes a sort of "fake" aesthetic that I like to use in my art (pretentious)

dino = short for dinosaur. I think dinosaurs are cool. (considerably less pretentious)

What's your favourite colour?

For some reason this was the most asked question I used to get on Instagram. Anyway, it's a cop out but all of them!


pastel icon of a rainbow Name: kitty

green pixel icon of a dinosaur A.K.A: ess, dino

pink icon of a heart with a face Pronouns: she/they

pixel icon of a money bag Occupations: cleaner, student

pastel icon of two musical notes Fav. music: electronic, j-pop

Hi! I'm a webmaster and artist from the UK. It was my childhood dream to have my own website, so here we are!

The best way to know more about me is to look around this site. To start exploring you can look at the sitemap or the sidebar to the left. I hope you enjoy your visit!