Dinosaur Parks

I'm from the UK and unfortunately, most tourist attractions here are very boring. I've seen a lifetime's worth of boring castles and boring rocks. However, one thing that never fails to disappoint me is the plastic dinosaur park. These places are often nostalgic, creepy and cool all at the same time and always make me happy. So, inspired by the infamous Starbucks Guy, I've decided to try visit every single one in the UK.

Unfortunately, this plan is on pause right now for multiple reasons. However, please enjoy the rest of this page where I will talk about some specific parks and statues that I like.

National Showcave centre for Wales

In my limited experience the best park I've ever visited was the national showcave centre for Wales. Not only does this attraction offer extremely cool and historic caves, but on the outside this place is teeming with dinosaur statues (over 220 apparently). Some are kind of mismatched and don't necessarily fit together cohesively but I think that adds to the charm. The way they are placed in the landscape makes for some great photos. Truly an outstanding experience and highly recommended. Here are some pics I took while I was there:

Natural history museum

The natural history museum in london is not exactly a park but I'm talking about it here because it ignited my interest in these parks for one reason: their life sized t-rex animatronic! The way this model moves is so lifelike and cool, also guaranteed to completely terrify any child. After doing some research I found out this model was made by the Kokoro company, who are a subdivision of Sanrio! This obscure animatronic manufacture trivia makes the model extra novel to me. It's difficult to get pictures because he moves a lot, so here's a video. By the cafeteria there are some raptor animatronics that, while less impressive, they're still worth checking out.

Random dinosaur statues that I like

none of these pics are mine, you can click on the image for the source!

I’m obsessed with this diplodocus statue at Novosibirsk Zoo in Russia. He said :D

I found this picture of a triceratops on the tumblr blog badpostcards and it was my icon on everything for like two years. His home is the Prehistoric Gardens in Portland Oregon and it’s my dream to visit!

This statue looks like it's going to kill me. I love it. It’s the largest dinosaur statue in the world and also four times bigger than an actual t-rex. If I’m ever in Canada I am going straight here.

This dinosaur named Dinah and she stamds at the entrance of vernal city, Utah and I love her! She is so happy and cute.

This image of a random triceratops statue in Milton Keynes is so cursed. The bright blue. The concrete. The desolate grass around him. Who is he.

There’s this dinosaur statue next to the grand union canal in Hertfordshire. I am so confused about this statue. No one seems to claim it or know why it’s there it just is? It might not even be there anymore because the plants around him are so overgrown. I’m more confused than anything tbh.

Most dinosaur statues are very inaccurate. Personally, I think this adds to their charm but it’s cool to see accurate dinosaurs too obviously. This statue is of Sue, who is a real t-rex skeleton at the Field Museum in Chicago. I believe the statue was made to help people understand the true size of a t-rex and it definitely works! They are so huge and cool. I love their spindly arms as well.

list of dino parks in the UK (not complete):