...I think I fucked up my right eardrum from listening to techno too loud. Oops??? The logical solution to this is to take a break from the tunes for a while. However, I must have music in the background at all times or I enter a comatose state so. Idk. I'm literally listening to music as I write this 😐

Anyway art school is fun and I definitely think I want to pursue being a teacher. If I told this to my 13 year old self they would be HORRIFIED since back then I thought being a teacher was my worst nightmare. Now though I've realised that being a teacher doesn't mean that you just teach like, children lol. I think I'll aim for college/uni level because then it doesn't matter if I cuss in front of the students. Also they would actually all want to be there (hopefully). But yeah, my reasons for wanting to be an art teacher are basically: It seems really rewarding. Plus, I've had so many bad teachers and I think I could do better (yes my motivation is basically spite. shhhh). But yeah it’s good to have some kind of clarity about what I want to do with my life. I’ve been uncertain about it for a long time.

In other unrelated news, my favourite podcast Behind the Bastards did a great episode breaking down the new leaks about Facebook. If you're passionate about the small web and don't mind feeling depressed for ~2 hours, I recommend listening, especially the second part. It perfectly summarises everything wrong with the platform and how it is like. Actively ruining people's lives in ways we can't even comprehend. Ok I don't think I'm really selling this but I actually found it super interesting and made me really appreciate my site more lol.

Pictured: tiny books I made, the sunrise at work, sculpture at a park I like, drawing of toshiko koshijima I did in class


Okayyyy. The first part of my uni project is done! We just spent the last five weeks going through the 5 possible subject rotations and then we had to pick one to choose for the rest of the year. I chose graphic design/illustration but it was between that and fine art. Gonna put more pics of what I've made at the bottom of the post cause I'm proud of them. I mean, half the purpose of this website is to show off my work lol.

Honestly it's gone really quickly and in truth I'm having a lot of fun. In between all the writing that takes me forever 😐 to be honest it's not that much of a big deal since I have to research a lot of artists and I like that. Like, I probably wouldn't have stumbled across artists like Nora Fok or Sarina Nihei by myself but they both make work that really appeals to me.

In the meantime, I have a bunch of free time now that the first project is done. Gonna go to the pub with my friends on the 30th as like a pre-Halloween type deal. I've missed getting together with all of them. Actual Halloween is a Sunday so I'm just gonna stay in and watch movies. I was going to get the first Saw movie DVD out of my uni library because yes the the Great Tumblr Saw Revival of 2021 started getting to me πŸ˜”. Perhaps for the best, someone got there first. I took out House and Battle Royale instead. I've seen Battle Royale before and really loved it, even if the ending kinda comes out of nowhere. Idk if it's a typical Halloween movie but to me that situation is my worst nightmare. Meanwhile, I've wanted to see House for the longest time so I'm really excited about that! I like horror that is fucked up enough to be interesting, but not fucked up enough that I am permanently traumatised. House seems like it's that kind of movie? Idk I guess I'll have to see.

Pictured: flowers I found at work, catgirl lino stamp, me with some art my friend made, mask I made out of cardboard, a shirt I made with a slogan I think people on neocities may appreciate.


Hey remember when I said schoolwork wouldn't stop me from posting here? Looking at how much work I've got, I don't think I'll have free time ever again 😬

Unfortunately, there's a bunch of pages that are halfway done and still need a lot of time put into them. When I work on entire pages it normally use up my whole concentration, and that's hard to do when I'm constantly thinking about my work πŸ˜”

As rough as it sometimes feels, I think I'm actually learning stuff. Which couldn't really be said about the past 2 years of college. For example we learnt about process art. And it turns out that I am a process artist lol. The more you know!

And as I said before, the work that I'm doing is pretty cool. This week we're gonna be focusing on textiles, and I'm excited! Sticking a needle into fabric a bunch of times hell yeah. Can't wait.

Pictured: a lil guy I made, creepy dental mannequin that lives at my work now, yuri manga: acquired (this one is my favourite!) and an animation I made!


Really short post to make up for the wall of text that was my last one.

I got sick last week so that sucked. Had to miss a day of uni. It was only one day but our course moves so fast that I feel like I'm a week behind 😬

On the plus side Perfume released their new EP and it exceeded all my expectations. I also got paid!! Gonna buy some new headphones probably and yuri manga lmao


We have a new main layout!! I suddenly had a realisation that this site no longer reflected my best HTML ability and I just tried to one up myself. I think I succeeded because I'm really happy with how it looks. Shout out to templaterr's navigation bar code. Literally a lifesaver omg. I miss the old layout a little though, which is why it now lives on in the form of this new blog!

On the topic of that, I restarted this blog. Many things are happening. so I thought it would be nice to have a fresh start. Also my old one was getting too whiny. If you miss that tho I now whine in short bursts on the tumblr. Check it out also if you like pictures of flip phones.

So ok here's what happened irl recently. I finally got a new job! I'm a cleaner at a museum! It is admittedly very hard work and I hate getting up early (6am bby) but mopping and vacuuming is good exercise and it's only for two hours. And I listen to music which really helps (this playlist I made always wakes me up). Plus, it's way more rewarding than working for [UNNAMED UK CHAIN SUPERMARKET] I'm also all by myself which on one hand is a little scary when the museum is an old, definitely haunted house. But it also means no customers! It's just me, ghosts and occasionally bugs.

Obviously not everything is great (had to deal with a mouldy bin the other day and wanted to die a bit. Ok a lot.) but I'm actually happy! I was so worried quitting my old job was the wrong decision, but for once I actually made the right call and it's very encouraging.

Ok other thing I started uni!!! I'm very fortunate that my town has an art university and it was kind of inevitable that I ended up there. The first day was nerve wracking but I think I've made friends?? And it's only been a week but the work we've done has actually been really great. Also not to sound like a fucking nerd but the library they have is so so so cool. It's mostly art books and I love art books so much. There's like 100 I want to take out. Makes me realise I want to have my own one day.

The bad part is that I miss my college friends so much. I got so used to walking in everyday and all of them being there. Can't believe I used to take it for granted :( Plus, some of my best friends are moving out for university. Admittedly, only a couple hours or so (it's the UK lolll nothing is really that far away) But everything feels a bit further when you can't drive by yourself yet πŸ˜”

Today I actually got a bus to go visit my friend's uni and while it was fun, many sacrifices were made. Don't run down two streets with an entire PS3 in your backpack, kids. It was painful. It was so nice to see them though! The travel sickness that I also got was worth it.

Ok that was a long post and I feel like I didn't even scratch the surface but yeah!!! Things sure are happening. Might not be updating this site as frequently but I'll try my best. Schoolwork can't get rid of me that easily hehe.

Pictured: the webmaster slacking off taking a break, texture from a uni group project, excerpt from a Lily van der Stokker interview in one of her art books that I found at the library.