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Don’t get me wrong, I love Neocities. The creativity is really inspiring and everyone has been really nice so far. However literally in the space of a week I have found a Covid truther, a thinspo blog and a site by an ancap with centipede anime girl art on their homepage. So yeah. Maybe the ability to see who literally everyone is followed by was kind of a mistake. I guess it’s my own fault for being so nosy, curiosity killed the cat or w/e. Although “killed” in this context means I get subjected to anime centipede girl art against my will.

Now for something completely unrelated, my mercari order arrived at the warehouse! I’m mad tho because shipping was waaay more expensive than I thought it was going to be and I believe I am going through buyers remorse lmao. I hope it gets here without damage and everything works out ok. The main problem with CDs is they get scratched so fingers crossed that they are unharmed. I am excited for them to arrive because idk it’s good to have something to look forward to in the midst of the shitshow that has become my college career. Ok it’s not actually that bad but I am straight up not having a good time. I’ll probably elaborate on this some other time but I don’t want to now lol.

In more positive news I’m really getting into the artist ‘she’ a.k.a. Lain Volta. Their music kind of reminds me of the shit I would listen to on Youtube when I was like 12 as in it’s kind of dubstep but y’know. It’s actually good. I think the reason why I like it so much is it sounds so bright and layered. I’ve listened to a lot of electronic music recently that is ok but it isn’t really fun. Like capsule’s last album is depressing as hell, the problem isn’t even that it tries to emulate more generic edm trends, the problem is that it’s so lifeless and boring.

Meanwhile, Aspire(she’s latest album) makes me so damn happy, like I’m on a spaceship and I’m just vibing. My favourite tracks are Play the chiptek, automatic and falling for you btw. Would recommend it if you like electro. Anyway when did this become a music review page? I’m off to do media studies homework (unfortunately)


I should be doing IT homework but i’m writing this instead loll

Anyway my laptop took half an hour to load my internet browser. Then my laptop crashed and it took another 10 minutes to load again. You hate to see it. I kind of want to get an actual PC but I have no room and also not enough money for a whole PC so oh no. Maybe I should use my dad’s old one that runs windows 98. I’d be getting the real web 2.0 experience then, huh? Tbh it probably runs faster than this laptop.

If you see this and you think I should use that PC please write in and by write in I mean leave a comment.

College today was not very eventful. I mean I had to interact with my graphics teacher so that sucked but I don’t think anyone wants to hear me complain for paragraphs on end about him again so I am not going to elaborate. Just know I was frothing with rage and I wanted to go back to listening to my 100 song vocaloid playlist that I should probably stop listening to when I’m at college. Mitchie M’s sick grooves are just too distracting.

Yeah that’s literally all I have today except!!! You should check out my new and improved original characters page! It’s based on a w3schools template but I feel like I modified it enough so that I can feel proud of it if you know what I mean??. It’s also just really satisfying seeing all my OCs together on one page together idk.

ok I’m gonna actually do the IT homework now


I'm listening to komm susser tod while writing this so like. Imagine it’s playing while you read this.

So there’s the first confirmed student case of covid at my college… which is great. Love that. Exactly what I needed in my academic career. Obviously it sucks even more for whoever it is that got it (no one knows who it is tho)

To be honest I kind of wish they hadn’t opened schools in the first place man. It just doesn’t seem very safe. I know someone in Wales (shout out to Max… there is no way he will be reading this but thanks for not complaining when I made extremely lame comments while we watched the wrestling. ANYWAY) I think his college is basically closed because it’s not going great over there. Even my other friends who go to a different college than me but are a bit more local have six cases where they are. Oh boy it sucks.

In other (more boring) news, I bought Game and Triangle on mercari.jp. These are Perfume’s first two albums btw and I’ve wanted them on CD for the longest time.

I rarely buy things online and I’ve never used a shopping service before (I used buyee) so it was really daunting. I kind of hate how it starts off cheap (it was basically a tenner for two CDs- a bargain) but once you add the handling and shipping fees it doubles in price. Like bruh. Here’s my logic though, it normally costs like £20 to import one Perfume CD, so if I’m buying two CDs for £20, that’s like getting half off right???

It’s also probably going to take a really long time to ship so I’m treating this as my reward for finishing my media studies coursework… which I haven't actually finished yet. But hopefully I will have by the time the package arrives. See? I have it all planned out.

Depending on how well this goes I think I could get very addicted to mercari. Like four people are selling Plastic (my favorite Aira Mitsuki album) for £3 and it’s SO TEMPTING. There’s also a bunch of other Aira stuff like t-shirts and autographs and shit. Someone needs to get me away from this website oh my god.

anyway catch me refreshing the buyee order page for the next month or so


Wow, there are a lot of furries on neocities, huh? Not that that’s a bad thing. Furries keep the internet alive y’know.

Anyway I'm going to be keeping this post shorter than the last one since god damn that last post was embarrassingly long. I guess I had a lot to say lmao. Less to say this time but enough to warrant a post. Also I know I said in that last post I was gonna talk about japanese electro-pop but I’m going to save that for another time.

Today we’re going to talk about the internet archive instead lol. So I was bored in my college library and I was flicking through insta stories and someone was showing off a magazine called ‘designplex’ which is a japanese graphic design mag from the 2000s. Now I’m kind of obsessed with 2000s/y2k design. It kind of links with the whole fixation I have on the early internet. I don't know what it is, there's just something about the blobby shapes and the futuristic aesthetics that’s funny in hindsight.

Anyway, the pictures from the insta story looked cool so I went on an internet hunt for info. I actually found very little info except for an ENTIRE SCAN of issue 20 on archive.org?? So ofc I took a look and it was pretty great but I was also super surprised.

Now I’m familiar with the internet archive but for some reason I’ve never really looked through it thoroughly? Idk I was just so shocked they had an entire scan of this semi-obscure design mag from 20 years ago and I started looking to see if I could find any more gems. And boy, did I find some gems like oh, idk THE ENTIRE FRUITS MAGAZINE ARCHIVE??? I was so shocked. I’d always wanted to look through fruits since I love j-fashion (wow this post is making me look like a weeb) and here was every issue?? Available to read for free??? Idk this sounds kinda lame as I’m recounting it but it felt like such a great discovery. I spent the rest of the hour just looking for cool magazines.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a way to waste time would 10/10 recommend looking through the internet magazine archive.

“Kitty did you really just make a blog post gushing about the internet archive?"

Yes. Yes I did.


welcome to the all new blog section. I've sucked at having blogs and diaries before because I always forget to write consistently. However, I check neocities daily at this point so maybe this will be more successful. Neocities is great because no one irl rlly checks this site so I can rant unfiltered for pages on end if I want and no one is going to tell me to stfu.

Also I have a lot to talk abt today. highlights include my graphic design teacher being annoying as fuck and I tried to apply to university. These two things are actually related dw we'll get there when we get there.

firstly, the problem w/ my graphics teacher is he is very awkward. I kind of have sympathy because I'm not the most socially able person in the entire world. like once i accidently dm'ed someone on twitter and I was so embarrassed that I deleted my entire account. so. yknow. I am guilty too. but here's the thing. I would have thought that teaching for over ten years would make you able to adequately communicate with people properly. apprarently not tho and instead of being a helpful person he just fuckin stands around and occaisonally offers me extremely unhelpful advice that I never take and I just end up awkwardly nodding along. It's like that bit in WUG by Chris Fleming where he's like "you scrounge around to fill his long pauses". like he'll just stop talking and I'll think "ok?? are you done?" and he KEEPS GOING.

Another thing. I think the word "mansplained" has kind of become kind of overused idk man i don't have time right now to get into mainstream twitter feminism optics but like. He is perhaps guilty of mansplaining. Yeah not to flex on main but I've known how to use photoshop since I was 13 and the last thing I want is this bitch looking over my shoulder and telling me how to select something. Like I KNOW!!

It doesn't help that I have found out that I do not enjoy graphics. Like, i'm not learning a whole lot and I just want this year to be over already. So for some reason in the break we were talking about university. I’m lucky enough to live near an arts university and my plan is to basically do a one year free course where I just try shit out and if I like it I’ll spend a billion dollars or whatever to do a course in whatever I want to specialise in. at least I won’t have to pay for accommodation since I live so close. (yeah token leftist take of the blog post: university should be free. I have lots of friends that want to go but they can’t because they straight up can’t afford it. It’s free in Scotland, why isn't it free here?? ANYWAY)

So. me and my friends are having a nice conversation about our life plans or w/e and this bitch comes over and he’s like. “Why do you want to go to [insert name of the university here]???!! I taught there and it sucked etc. etc” he literally did not shut up lmao. So he tried to convince me to stay on at college and do the course I want to do at my college instead of the university. This annoyed me so much. Mainly because it’s actually way more difficult for me to get to my college than it is for me to get to this university. also . I want to leave college so bad man!! It feels like it's been a waste of two years to be perfectly honest especially with the whole uh, pandemic thing. All I want to do now is just leave.

I probably shouldn’t be so mean. I think he gets paid to convince students to stay on since the college gets money from the government if they do. So. I’m gonna stop bitching now. Anyway, after I came home I applied to the university out of spite. Then I had to write a personal statement and I realised that doing that takes more than a day so I’ll come back to it later. Writing about yourself in a flattering way is hard man. For example, this blog post probably makes me sound like a huge bitch.

So that brings us all the way up to now. While writing this I listened to ami suzuki’s supreme show It slaps pretty hard. I can’t believe it took me this long to listen all the way through. My favourite tracks are love mail, can’t stop the disco and super music maker. I wish they had putfree free on the album since that song is otherworldly. Really some of nakata’s best. Next blog post is probably just gonna be me infodumping about japanese electro-pop since it’s one of my main interests atm. So yeah, look forward to that next time.