Dinosaur Parks

I love silly plastic dinosaur statues. Here is a collection of my favourites. None of these pics are mine, you can click on the image for the source!

I'm obsessed with this diplodocus statue at Novosibirsk Zoo in Russia. He said :D

I found this picture of a triceratops on the tumblr blog badpostcards and I loved it so much that I made it my profile picture on most websites. His home is the Prehistoric Gardens in Oregon!

This statue looks like it's going to kill me. I love it. Their name is Tyra and are the largest dinosaur statue in the world (four times bigger than an actual t-rex would have been!) If I'm ever in Alberta, Canada I am going straight here.

This dinosaur named Dinah and she stamds at the entrance of Vernal City, Utah and I love her! She is so happy and cute.

This image of a random triceratops statue in Milton Keynes is so cursed. The bright blue. The concrete. The desolate grass around him. Who is he.

There's this dinosaur statue next to the grand union canal in Hertfordshire. I am so confused about this statue. No one seems to claim it or know why it's there it just is? It might not even be there anymore because the plants around him are so overgrown. I'm more confused than anything tbh. Anyway, I like this picture because it has a kind of suspicious expression. Like it just ate a duck or something.

I am obsessed with this guy. I think it's not hard to see why? The statue 100% speaks for itself. Look at that face. His name is Glendisaurus and he lives in Montana. He is named after the town he lives in (Glendive). He’s also made of metal, not plastic which I think is pretty unique. He has gone mini viral on Tumblr and Reddit for obvious reasons.

The existence of this lovely statue was alerted to me by a fellow neocitizen and I am in love. He looks so depressed. This guy (his name is Dinny) has seen some shit. Which makes sense, as he was built in 1937. If I had stood in a zoo for that long, I'd be depressed too. Dinny recently underwent renovations. It makes me happy that people care enough to preserve him! He deserves all the love and attention imo, his expression is just the best.

My photos

Here are various dinosaur related things I've found while travelling! You can click on the pictures to make them bigger.

In April 2022 I went to Bristol museum. This was actually to look at art rather than dinosaurs but luckily for everyone I'm going to report on the dinosaurs too.

This is Doris! She's based on a real fossilised pliosaurus skeleton. She was part of their pliosaurus exhibit in 2018 but the model was so impressive she is now permanently hanging from the ceiling of the museum. If you climb up onto the first floor you can look right in her eyes, which used to move and follow visitors around the room! Doris is not actually a dinosaur (she's more closely related to plesiosaurs) but I had to put her on this page, the model is just so impressive.

As for actual dinosaurs, there's this guy who's a Thecodontosaurs. He's pretty small but I love their expression and big eyes. I just realised there's a picture of this guy actually being sculpted on Wikimedia Commons. Nice. I believe Thecodontosaurus is pretty important to paleontolgy in Bristol so it's cool to see this guy. There's also a statue of Scelidosaurus, along with fossilised remains.

Overall, I don't know if I would recommend going to Bristol museum just to see their paleontology exhibit, but it's definitely worth checking out among the other things in the museum.

In my limited experience the best dinosaur park I've ever visited was The National Showcaves Centre for Wales. Not only does this attraction offer extremely cool and historic caves, but on the outside this place is teeming with dinosaur statues (over 220 apparently). The way they are placed in the landscape makes for some great photos. Truly an outstanding experience and highly recommended!

These pictures were taken when I visited in 2016, and I really want to return.

I feel like this photo really demonstrates how chaotic this place is. Most of the statues are kind of mismatched and don't necessarily fit together cohesively but I think that adds to the charm.

And here you can see how they've been creatively displayed in the landscape. These were placed in the valley next to one of the caves and from the distance they almost look real.

For my birthday in 2023 my family took me to this dinosaur themed restaurant. It was kind of like the Rainforest Cafe but dinosaur themed as you can see from the interior.

The food was just ok, but the atmosphere was my favourite part! They definitely didn't skimp on the dinosaur statues. I'm not sure what dinosaur this is supposed to be (Juarassic Park-style velociraptor??) but he looks very cool.

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