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♥ good morning freaks

Date: 12.5.24

BGM: Good Morning Freaks - Utrecht

Last Friday I went to London with my girlfriend and her friend from America that she met on a TF2 discord server (the internet can be so beautiful). We had a really great time! We went to a market and perused various items and wares. I ate some yummy pasta too.

We also went to Miniso aka Sanrio Heaven. I always want to get some of the blind boxes they have but the price tag always puts me off. Plus, I have enough random trinkets with Sanrio characters on at this point. Miniso is kind of a strange shop though, right? For some reason inside they were playing like. Techno music? Including One Night/All Night from the Justice album I reviewed?? Extremely bizarre, but funny. colorful acrylic painting on canvas

More good news: university for this year is nearly over! For our final project we had to plan an art exhibition. I made a painting for the show (pictured) which is. Fine I guess lmao. I had to sacrifice some of the details I planned because of the deadline, so I think I'm going to continue working on it. I can't work out whether I actually like it or if it's a kind of sunk cost fallacy/Ikea effect situation.

I've been doing more painting recently. It's extremely difficult and time consuming and tbh not even that rewarding lmao but I'm seeing some progress. I think it's important that I try new mediums, because I've been growing tired of collaging tbh. Before 2023 I'd been doing it non-stop for five years. That's why there are no collages for 2023 - I didn't know whether I even wanted to keep making them. Sometimes I feel like the ones I made in 2018 when I was like 15 are my best work and it's been kind of going downhill since then. Idk.

I've actually been trying a lot of different mediums. For a long time I've been really interested in internet art from the 1990s, so I've been messing with making stuff in that style. The pages I make for this site require a lot of planning, so just banging out a basic couple page thing about something kind of abstract is good for the soul. I'm hosting all that stuff on my portfolio site for nowwww so pls look if you would like :)

♥ Gay birthday blog post

Date: 21.4.24

BGM: Sugar Bomb - ME:I

As of yesterday I am 21!!! This kinda means nothing like I don't think there's anything that I can do at this age specifically that I couldn't do at like 18. I don't look any older that's for sure. I was given a child ticket on the bus the other day. Tbh, it would have been helpful 4 months ago when I was in the US and I couldn't drink but you know. Next time I visit I'll be sure to get blackout drunk just because I can. (The whole exchange trip experience went super well btw I may talk about this more in da future - read the last 2 posts if you don't know what I'm talking abt)

As for my birthday I went on a gay picnic with my gf. It was a little sad because it was way colder than I thought it would be and we had to leave early but it's ok, because we had a nice walk back. Then we went to the antique shop in my town. Like all antique shops it's a maze, they had so many fun things! Including uranium glass 🥺 I'd never seen it in person before!!!

the webmaster standing in front of a wall doing the middle finger. on the wall there is graffiti of hello kitty, also doing the middle finger closeup of a fruit bowl made of uranium glass, glowing under a blacklight a room in an antique store with dolls and teddy bears on the shelves

(hover for captions)

I wanted the fruit bowl set that you can see above but the day before I spent all of my allocated money on a birthday buyee haul lmaooo. If it's there next time I go I might get it. She's so cute... I didn't leave the shop empty handed tho! My gf got me some fabric with cute fruits on. I am obsessed with anything that has fruit on rn. I think I'm going to make a headbow out of it to match one of my lolita dresses.

Overall, it was a good day. Although now it's time to get right back to work on handing in my final uni projects for this year. Speaking of this, thank you everyone that checked out my wedding vow page, especially if you left a comment!! This will really help me with my project. It also really enhances the piece more than I ever thought it would so thank you again 🙏

After the deadline I will have a lot of free time. I've been writing non stop, so I'm hoping I'll be able to publish some of it here during the summer. I'm hoping at least one piece of writing will end up finished because seriously, it's like I've been possessed. Like I want to write down everything except my uni essay right now. Including maybe some... fiction? Stay tuned??? I feel like whenever I promise to add something to this site in a blog post it never happens but I'm staying optimistic!

♥ hey siri is ronald reagan dead

Date: 14.11.23


It has been soooo long since a real update here omg. It's cause I have been super busy. Like actually for real. School assignments are NO JOKE. It feels like I was slacking off for like 2 years straight before I came here. But yes I did survive my insanely long flight and have been surviving in the US for *looks at watch* 3 months now! Wow!!

Living in a city is a little scary but really fun. I love all the opportunities and goings on most of all. I've had so many experiences that I never thought were possible (meeting one of my favourite artists ever?? More on this in a future blog post probably). Plus, I really love shopping and they don't lie when they say America is like the consumerist capital. So many Products and Things. I kind of love it tbh?? It feels bad to say but every time I go grocery shopping I find it really fun lol. That's probably just cause of the novelty tho.

As for, I have lots of ideas for things to add here! but sadly I don't think I'll be able to execute them properly until I'm home. Which I am looking forward to a lot honestly. As much as I like everything going on here, I do miss the mundanity of my home. And of course, I miss my friends, family and gf! Luckily it's only a month until I get to see them again :) But I really do love it here also. It's going to be really bittersweet when I leave for sure. Anywayyyy that's the token update. Just wanted to assure everyone I was still alive. You know how it is 👍

♥ can't stop won't stop

Date: 29.7.23

BGM: Atomic - she

Omg it's the first blog post in forever! What happened? Tbh, too many things to actually write about lol. I like to think I've been busy though. Since so many things have happened I figured I'd just talk about recent events. Like the last couple of days ig.

So, I went to see Barbie and Oppenheimer like everyone else lol. Not on the same day tho (my attention span would not have been able to take it) I don't want to write a full review cause idk everyone is probably sick of Barbenheimer reviews but here are some quick thoughts:

Oppenheimer was ok and there were some cool moments. However, It felt like the filmmakers thought people would be bored by the science of the Manhattan project so they were like, ok whenever there's science we gotta edit this shit at 100mph. Also 3 hours was too long for me to sit in a cinema. If I was in my house it would have been fine but man. I wanted to be able to pause it and turn subtitles on, you know? Also the female characters were written really badly, no thanks to having seen Barbie a few days before.

As for Barbie, I was so amazed. It was so much funnier than I expected and I almost never laugh at movies. The sets and costumes felt really beautiful to me and as a doll collector it made me very happy. Lots of fun things to look out for. I guess I understand how comics fans feel when sploingo man or whatever makes a 5 second cameo in the MCU. Magic earring Ken is my sploingo man.

Moving away from movies, I bought my first lolita dress! It's the swan lake tulle JSk from the brand Metamorphose! When I ordered it I was worried it wouldn't fit or just wouldn't suit me but when I tried it I was so happy. I truly felt like a princess :) I might write a longer thing about my lolita fashion ~journey~ but since it's only just started it seems kind of pointless. I'm excited though!

The last thing I have to talk about is kind of a big one. In the middle of August I will be leaving for America (!!!) I will be there for... basically 4 months 😭. It's an exchange program with my university and I'm so grateful that I'm able to do something like this. However, I'm beyond nervous. I've never even flown or lived by myself before! I know it'll be ok, but that doesn't stop me from being worried.

For not-wanting-to-doxx-myself reasons I'm not going to share exactly where I'm going until I've come back, but for now I will say it's on the west coast! Not sure how much website updating I will be able to do but it's not like I've been doing that much lately anyway lmao. I'll try and update if I can, I promise!!

♥ me when

Date: 15.5.23

BGM: 8 now - food house

I am. Still alive!!! Wow.

Tbh, many things happened and I had to take a break. I'm really glad I did because I feel so much better now. I've been making an effort to not spend as much time online and it's definitely paying off.

However, I'm feeling inspired in regards to web design again so I've decided to continue updating here. I'm not sure what's next for the site yet, but I know it'll be good!

Please stay tuned until then.

♥ new year etc.

Date: 2.1.23

BGM: Go To Hell - USAO

In time for the new year I thought a refresh of the blog was in order, so here it is! Isn't it cute? I like it a lot. It's based on my tano*c shrine, cause that's one of my favourite layouts I've done. The design was inspired by some Japanese blogs I found, so it's only fitting that I repurposed it for my own blog.

This year was hard especially towards the end, hence my uncharacteristic hiatus. Despite the difficulties, I'm happy with how everything turned out. For new years my best friend hosted a party. I ended up sitting on the sofa in between her and my girlfriend and I couldn't help but feel content. It felt like all the hard moments had been worth it.

Hopefully in 2023 will bring more epic plasticdino #content but in between working on my degree, my job, just staying alive in general it might be a bit hard... we'll see lol.

♥ blog posts have titles now

Date: 14.10.22

BGM: i need a cigarette - ayesha erotica

Halloween was a little underwhelming I guess. I went into school for all of five seconds wearing a cute Halloween adjacent fit and almost no one else was wearing anything spooky! There was like one person cosplaying. I literally go to art school! So disappointing. I expect better of everyone.

In the evening I watched Tetsuo: The Iron Man. And there were things that were happening on the screen for sure. There was audio. And also visuals. And there were also edits and camera angles! Say what you want, but they definitely released it as a movie.

If for some reason you are curious about Tetsuo, I loved the reviews written by rain's space. I also loved koinuko's review. So you should read their pages! I did consider adding my own thoughts as a bonus to my Halloween reviews but I couldn't think of a way to summarise my opinions in time 😭 Anyone who's seen the movie knows exactly what I'm talking about here lol. Although, I think I did enjoy it overall. The effects were great for sure. My next school project is video and sci-fi based, so I'm definitely going to take inspiration.

After Tetsuo I rewatched Saw. And it was great. Then I tried to rip the DVD cause I wanted to make an AMV but VLC wasn't playing ball. In the end I just recorded a tiny part with OBS and made a dumb edit cause I was committed at that point. I'm still tempted by the AMV idea tho lmao. Stay tuned?

Yeah, that was basically my whole Halloween. Although, today I went to the pub with a friend. And tomorrow I'm dying my best friend's hair AND THEN I'm going on a sort-of-date with this girl from my life drawing class (long story). With all that I'm pretty glad that I stayed in. I can only do so many things in one week you know!!