Name: kitty

A.K.A: ess, dino

Pronouns: she/they

Occupations: cleaner, student

Fav. music: electronic, j-pop

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Hi! I'm a webmaster and artist from the UK. It was my childhood dream to have a website. People often write their interests on about pages but mine change frequently, so I don't want to commit to anything by putting it here lol. If you want to know what kind of things I really like, you should look around the site! I hope you enjoy your vist.


Admittedly, The "F" part of FAQ is doing some legwork here

Can I use [thing you made]?

If it's on the meme page or graphics page then yes! I appreciate a link back but it's not necessary.

My collage art is also under this creative commons license.

Why do you go by she/they?

I'm non-binary 👍

What do you use to make stuff?

To make my collage art I use too much stuff to mention it all! but mostly Sharpie, found objects like food packaging and acrylic paint. For graphics and memes I use Photoshop. For GIFs I use Premiere and Photoshop. For digital art I use MS Paint. For this site I use Firefox, Notepad and the Neocities IDE.

what does plasticdino mean?

plastic = name of my favourite album + evokes a corporate fakeness that I like to play with in my artwork (pretentious)

dino = short for dinosaur. I think dinosaurs are cool. (considerably less pretentious)

What's your favourite colour?

For some reason this was the most asked question I used to get on Instagram. Anyway, it's a cop out but all of them!

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