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This page is here to share my thoughts and opinions on entries in the girls kissing genre. Entries with the heart symbol () next to the title are my favourites.

Warning: a lot of these series are nsfw and contain adult themes. Proceed with caution!

Page Inspirations


Yamada and Kase are two very different girls, but they're in love! It's a pretty simple romance, and it gets me every time.

I think this is a really good series to start with if you want to get into yuri! There's also an OVA adaptation which is ok.

Takashima Hiromi

On the surface, Nanoha and Chidori are two normal highschool best friends. Secretly though, they are in a relationship.

For a series with such a generic plot, this is immensely well written and engaging. The characters definitely feel like highschoolers but it's not annoying, they're just young and trying to work out how to navigate life.

Hana ni Arashi
Kovachi Luka

Miwa is gay. Saeko is also gay. They meet in collge and both become friends, then girlfriends because why not? What could go wrong? (a lot).

For a comedy series, it actually gets really dark and messy. There's childhood trauma, repression and miscommunication. Basically, it's not afraid to show that relationships are really scary and complex. But the characters are likeable for all their flaws and I can't help but root for Saeko and Miwa.

So, do you want to go out or?

Hinako suffered a traumatic car accident as a child that left her an orphan. As a teenager her only solace is her best friend Miko, who sticks by her and stays optimistic no matter what. Everything changes when Hinako meets Shiori, a mermaid who claims to want to eat Hinako???

Despite not being sold as either of these things, this series is basically a horror love triangle. It has a lovely artstyle and a super foreboding atmosphere, and I'm always excited to see what happens next.

A Monster Wants To Eat me
Naekawa Sai

This manga answers the question: What if Hana ni Arashi was 100x more toxic?

Yuni loves her gf Natsume, but hates how they have to keep their relationship a secret. Thanks to getting too enthusiastic with her Twitter vent account, Yuni accquires a stalker named Fuuko, who is hell bent on ruining Natsume and Yuni's relationship by any means necessary. It's not going to end well but I'm along for the ride.

My Girlfriend's Not Here Today
Iwami Kiyoko

This is an autobiogrpahical slice of life manga about the author's relationship with her girlfriend! Despite their differences, their love for each other really shines through.

As well as being very adorable and real, I found it informative about being a lesbian in Japan.

Our Days Under One Roof
Inui Ayu

This gag manga follows Sugiura and Yokoe, who have pretty much always been friends. For as long as they've been friends though, Yokoe has been in love with Sugiura. The story follows their various cringe hijinks, as well as many sideplots about their friends and people they know.

I feel like this is the manga I've read that captures the sheer painfulness and boredom of life when you're a teenager. That makes it sound unappealing but a lot of great comedy comes from these situations as well as Ningiyau's mastery of facial expressions. I also love how, to be frank, most of the characters are idiots. As a fellow idiot I felt seen. It's admittedly more comedy focused than romance, but there are still plenty of gay moments. I'm looking forward to seeing the characters yell at each other even more.

School Zone

I read this on tumblr back in like 2016. I was one of the first wlw romances I'd ever seen but I remembered finding it kinda confusing. 13 year old me didn't understand the concept of a non-linear plot ig. Coming back to it though, it's somehow better than I remembered.

It isn't exactly groundbreaking, just two girls hanging out with friends and being in love. However, it's done so well that it feels fresh. It's also laugh out loud funny. Like with School Zone, the facial expressions and extreme reactions to everyday scenarios are what makes it.

Their Story
Tan Jiu

Sadly cancelled after one volume for unknown reasons, Killing Me uses two of my favourite tropes: "vampires" and "they are in love but also trying to kill each other".

Saki is an uptight vampire hunter and Miyoko is a cute pink haired vampire. Every night Saki tries to kill Miyoko but she just can't. Could it be because she's actually in love with Miyoko???? (yes) Shenanigans ensue.

Despite being kind of repetitive, the strong romantic tension and cool action makes me love it so much. Everyday I pray that that it comes back but in my heart I know it's unlikely. Don't read this unless you want to be severely disappointed that it has no real ending :(

Killing Me!

I'm normally not the biggest fan of one shots but this (and it's sequel, "5 Seconds Before Falling in Love with a Witch") is a masterpiece. Once again, it's my favourite trope, the two leads are mortal enemies! (They're a witch and a witch hunter). Idk if I need to explain it any more than that. It's really cute and you get such a sense of the characters in a short amount of time.

5 Seconds Before a Witch Falls in Love
Sumiya Zeniko

The story of Asano Minato, a quiet and tall girl who fades into the background. Everything changes when she meets Hibiki, a drummer who encorages Minato to join the school's new music club.

I kind of felt less enthusiastic about this towards the end, since the conflict seemed a bit arbitrary and drawn out. But! I love how Minato found confidence in herself because she found a group of people who understood her and encouraged her to pursue her passions!

Hello, Melancholic!
Ohsawa Yayoi

Honestly I thought I hated Akiko Morishima's stuff (Hanjuku Joshi took 10 years off of my life) but this manga is very cute and well-written!!!

It follows a group of women working at a wedding company and the various romantic entanglements that happen. Morishima should just write about adult women for the rest of her life and never touch a school setting again.

Office Romance: Women's Division
Akiko Morishima

Maki and Midori used to be girlfriends. In typical Class S fashion, they broke up at the end of highschool. Unfortunately, Maki never quite got over it.

When they encounter each other later in life, Midori is engaged and pregnant. On the surface she seems happy with her fiance, but why does she still feel so lonely? As Maki and Midori reconnect, they both realise something needs to change.

This manga tackles comphet, abuse, growing up, misogyny and loneliness in a way that really affected me. The art is also beautiful. I would really recommend it if you’re sick of schoolgirl stories and want something completely different.

Run away with me, girl

Mei is a sweet girl who up until this point, has had a pretty hard life. She has spent much of her life in hospital thanks to her anaemia. Not only that, she can see who's in love with who! This is represented with pink arrows that point towards whoever the person is in love with. Her power has (ironically) resulted in a lot of heartbreak for her. She'll try to help with a romance problem, only for it to end up making things worse.

She tries to make a new start at a different school, where no one knows her. Somehow, she runs into her childhood best friend as well as a girl who falls in love with almost anyone she sees. Both of them have arrows... pointing towards Mei! She wants to run away from these feelings, but is this what she really wants?

I liked how lots of different kinds of love were represented. I also love how the arrows are rendered in bright pink, putting the extra effort to print them that colour seriously paid off. I was pleasantly surprised they didn't draw the story out longer, I can picture lots of scenarios with this premise that they could have explored. However, I do respect that they didn't do that and just keep the story going infinitely for no reason. The conclusion was a little unexpected, but I wasn't mad about it and ultimately thought it made sense. If you want a really sweet and wholesome time I recommend.

If You Could See Love
Nanaji Yuuki and Teren Mikami

Shimizu seems like a normal office lady, but is secretly a yuri manga otaku, a doujinshi artist and knee deep in comphet. Maekawa, her co-worker, uncovers her secret. It's then revealed that Maekawa used to be a manga artist too! but why did she quit? Why is Maekawa so interested in Shimizu?

Overall, I'm in two minds about this series. On one hand, I love Shimizu and how the story handled her using fiction as a shield from having to deal with her sexuality. On the other hand, I thought Maekawa was kind of mean and shitty and didn't really apologise for it :( Even though both characters have grown by the end it still mad me sad to think that the main character fell for someone so manipulative.

Still Sick

Other Yuri I Have Read

  • That Time I Was Blackmailed By The Class's Green Tea Bitch by Xian Jun
  • Your True Color by Fuyume Saya
  • Luminous=Blue by Iwami Kiyoko
  • Handsome Girl and Sheltered Girl by Majoccoid and Mochi Au Lait
  • Even If It Was Just Once, I Regret It by Miyahara Miyako
  • Bloom into you by Nakatani Nio
  • Bright and Cheery Amnesia by Tamamusi
  • Free Soul by Yamaji Ebine
  • Frag Time by Sato
  • Jewels by m k
  • A Delinquent, A Transfer Student, and Their Silly Little Game by Fujichika
  • Lonely Wolf, Lonely Sheep by Mizutani Fuuka
  • Scarlet by Yuino Chiri
  • Useless Princesses by Ajiichi
  • Cigarette Kiss by Yorumo
  • All of Humanity is Yuri Except For Me by Haruse Hiroki
  • A Love Letter for the Marching Puppy by Tamasaki Tama
  • Brides of Iberis by Akiyama Haru
  • The Marriage Partner of My Dreams Turned Out To Be... My Female Junior at Work?! by Miura Kozumi
  • My Coworker Who Sits Next to Me series by Miura Kozumi
  • Brides of Iberis - Akiyama Haru
  • Ayaka is in Love with Hiroko! by Sal Jiang

To read

  • Momo, Botan, and Lily Blossoms by Mitsuboshi Megane
  • Aqua Blue Cinema by Otsu Hiyori
  • I'll Send Her Home on the Last Train by Amagakure Gido
  • Apocalypse by Kurata Uso
  • Candy by Yuhuko Suzuki
  • The executioner and her way of life by Mitsuya Ryo and Sato Mato
  • Crescent Moon and Doughnuts by Usui Shio
  • GGWP. ~Young Ladies Don't Play Fighting Games~ by Ejima Eri
  • SHWD - Special Hazardous Waste Disposal by sono
  • Otherside Picnic by Miyazawa Iori and Mizuno Eita
  • My Unrequited Love by tMnR
  • Indigo Blue by Ebine Yamaji
  • After Hours by Nishio Yuhta
  • Ohana Holoholo by Shino Torino
  • Goodbye, my rose garden by Dr Pepperco
  • Akuma no Riddle by Kouga Yun and Minakata Sunao
  • The End Of The World And A Witch's Love by KUJIRA
  • Honey & Honey by Takeuchi Sachiko
  • Lily Marble by Kisugae
  • Girl Friends by Morinaga Milk
  • Yuri Is My Job! by Miman
  • Seifuku no Vampiress Lord - Matsumoto Tomoki
  • Anemone is in Heat by Sakuragi Ren
  • The Skirt Sings at the Landing by Utatane Yuu
  • The Princess of Sylph by Kamejiro
  • Adachi and Shimamura (Moke ver.) by Iruma Hitoma and Yuzuhara Moke
  • Adachi and Shimamura by Iruma Hitoma and Mani