Neocities Webcomics!

summary: I talk about my favourite underrated webcomics on neocities!

words: ~600

content: listed for each individual comic.


Neocities is a great place for everyone to share all kinds of art, including comics! However, I've noticed that a lot of amazing webcomics are really underrated here, so I'm gonna talk about some of my favourites that I think deserve more attention!

Note: There are also couple of other webcomics on Neocites that I enjoy, but I limited myself to sites with less than 50 followers for this list. Also, I'm not sure if any of the creators of these webcomics are actually going to end up reading this. But if you do happen to and want to correct anything/want it removed from the list, please lmk!

Holly & Macy and Everyone Else

Author: Teratoaster
Genre: Romance, Supernatural
Synopsis: "Holly & Macy and Everyone Else is a romance webcomic about a girl who becomes a witch, her best friend who falls in love with her, and her ex-best friend who is mad about it."
Content: "characters occasionally face homophobia and/or ableism, and sometimes homophobic slurs are used. Physical abuse is never depicted in the comic, but it is occasionally talked about or implied"

My thoughts/why you should read: On the surface, this is an extremely cute and fun story. I love the style, it just seems very warm (is that a weird way to describe an artstyle?) And the relationship between Holly and Macy is so sweet and lovely 🥺. However, It also covers a lot of things that are painfully real (homophobia, ableism, toxic friendships etc.) Making it sad sometimes but also very touching. I've nearly cried a couple of times reading this one. It hits.


Author: camo93
Genre: Horror, Mystery
Synopsis: "this is a collection of files, documents, images & evidence surrounding the disappearance and suggested demise of the reverend quinn aleksandrovich lisovski."
Content: "graphic violence, violence against women, drug abuse and murder. not suitable for anyone under 18"

My thoughts/why you should read: I absolutely adore how this comic uses the medium of neocities to tell the story. Scrolling through the notes and files makes it feel like you're uncovering something you shouldn't… The black and white aesthetic is also immaculate and perfectly captures an atmosphere of dread and creepiness. Reading kind of reminds me of watching youtube mystery videos late at night. Like, you're not sure where it's going, or what kind of horrifying thing is going to happen next, but you just can't look away!

My Roomie's an E-girl?!

Genre: Romance, BL, Slice of Life
Synopsis: "When Wallace moves into his new freshman dorm at university, he discovers that his nerdy roommate, Joey, isn't just the boring, stereotypical gamer nerd guy that he appears to be. Instead, he lives a double life as his online alter-ego "Gl0ssey", a prolific twitch streamer and e-girl heartthrob"
Content: "occasional suggestive content. PG-13"

My thoughts/why you should read: I kind of started reading this on a whim, the title is definitely…. Intriguing. I'm so glad I did cause It's so cute and funny! The escalation of Wallace going from hating Joey to subbing to his patreon is genuinely hilarious. Plus, as the author says, it's something of a time capsule of 2020 and I think this is very charming. I feel like a lot of media focusing on the internet don't really capture the "culture" properly, or how people talk etc. But this totally does and it's super refreshing.


Author: floofrights
Genre: Supernatural, Comedy, Horror
Synopsis: "Three years ago, on a dark, rainy night, Charlotte "Chilli" Poppyfield was bitten by an unknown creature. The encounter turned her into not only a vampire, but also, curiously, a vampire-opossum. Since then, Chilli, along with her friends Anna and Tammy, encounter supernatural oddities everyday in their town of Heart Attack Cove. Along the way, they begin to uncover the dark secrets the town possesses."
Content: listed for each issue

My thoughts/why you should read: I thought this was going to be light-hearted but quickly found it actually contains some pretty scary and heavy themes. However, it's also extremely funny and the bright colours and cartoony style make it super fun to read. My favorite part is how much Chilli and her friends care about each other, even when things get very tough. The casual inclusion of lgbt identites and disabled characters is also great to read.


Author: Dupe
Genre: Sci-Fi
Synopsis: "Vegabond is a multimedia sci-fi webcomic that takes place in a heavily stylized, alternate version of our own solar system."
Content: None

My thoughts: With this comic there's lots of lore to process, but since it's so creative and interesting it doesn't feel like a drag at all. Instead, I'm just excited to learn more about the world and characters. I also love the style, the colour scheme and how the dialogue is shown diegetically with a translator, making it seem very immersive.

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Many of the comics were found thanks to the Webcomic Ring. Suggestions are also welcome!