Fun questionaire thing! Found on saint-images, by burypink

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1) time and date u started this?

6/2/22 10:57

2) asl?


3) opinions on musicals?

not my thing

4) favorite snack?

every snack

5) have u ever been in love?


6) favorite pokemon?


7) mario kart main?


8) tf2 main?

imagine playing more than 2 video games

9) do you laugh at youtube poops?


10) are you listening to music right now?

something would be wrong if I wasn't

11) favorite shape?

circle ig

12) do you believe in astrology?


13) do you believe in the occult?

I think ghosts are probably real

14) opinions on vocaloid?


15) would you ever want to be a rockstar?


16) do you easily get stressed?

not really

17) what is/was your favorite class in high school?

none of them

18) what pokemon type would you be? dual types are allowed lol


19) rei or asuka?


20) favorite html tag?


21) are you religious?


22) opinions on nightcore?

I've made it

23) did you go through any major phase? (emo, goth, weeaboo, etc)

to document every phase I went through as a child/teenager we would be here for hours

24) are you good at drawing?

not as good as I'd like to be

25) do you crack your joints?

my neck when I've been sitting in the same position for too long

26) do you read visual novels?

no, but I'd like to

27) can you sew?

I can do the basic stuff

28) can you cook?


29) most expensive thing you've bought?

lot of Aira Mitsuki CDs from Yahoo Japan

30) opinions on cosplay?

I honestly don't have strong opinions on cosplay

31) what's your most hated band/musician?

I can't stand van morrison (sorry mom)

32) are you a dramatic person?

yes :)

33) what emoticon do you use most?

toss up between :) and :/

34) can a miracle certainly occur?


35) would you let a vampire suck ur blood?


36) do you have a celebrity crush?

Keiko Yorichika

37) do you like snow?

not when I have to go to work

38) were you really into greek mythology as a kid?

a little!

39) what are some things you could competently deliver a speech on?

J-electro in the late 2000s and early 2010s. also the joys of amateur web design

40) are you good at spelling?

I'm alrihgt

41) which touhou wud u fuk?

they all look like kids to me, so none

42) do you think there's going to be a robot takeover?

no but I welcome it



44) would you be an angel or devil?

devil >:)

45) sine, cosine, or tangent?

I don't speak maths

46) do you like licorice?


47) whats one thing you cant stand that everyone else loves?

bloom into you

48) what books did you like as a kid?

the princess diaries

49) can you play any instruments?

no but I wish!!!!

50) what song would you want to play at your wedding?

whichever perfume song my future wife will let me get away with

51) do you believe in reincarnation?

not sure

52) finish the sentence: I'm just a guy who ______

doesn't say a word who sits at the curb and waits for the world????

53) have you been to another continent?


54) whats your worst habit?

nail biting

55) favorite vegetable?


56) whats something stupid that scared the shit outta you as a kid?

documentaries my parents would watch

57) whats one of your guilty pleasures?


58) would you rather be a ghost or a vampire?


59) what do you fear most?

dying before I get to acomplish all the things I want

60) do you sleep with any plushies?

not anymore

61) what hobby do you just not understand?


62) do you like the taste of alcohol?


63) are you a hopeless romantic?

secretly, yes

64) which deadly sin best fits you?

all of them

65) which of your physical features do you like the most?

my face

66) are your ears pierced?

no, I'm too much of a wimp

67) have you ever been in a physical fight?

yes, with my brother

68) where do you buy your clothes?

the car boot sale

69) where would you live if you could live anywhere?

somewhere warm

70) do believe in magic? or is it all a trick?

I'm gonna go with trick

71) have you read umineko when they cry? you should!

I don't have the attention span bestie

72) what is the worst chore to do?

at work I hate when people leave cups and bowls everywhere and I gotta put them away

73) what did your parents almost name you?

Moomin (I wish I was joking)

74) what would you want your name to be if you were not your current gender?

I think my relationship with gender is a bit too fucked for this question. sorry

75) what were your first words?


76) what do you want your last words to be?

"omg yasutaka nakata is that you???????"

77) when did you first regularly start going online?


78) what year do you miss the most?

none of them

79) are you psychic?


80) would you fuck a clone of yourself? you're not allowed to kill yourself.

I don't know if I want to answer this one

81) what do you use to listen to music?

spotify, youtube, windows media player

82) whats the biggest city you've been to?

I'm too lazy to work this out properly. London?

83) favorite animal?

I don't feel that strongly about any particular animals. pigeon?

84) what web browser do you use?


85) are you allergic to kitty cats???????????

sometimes it does feel like I'm allergic to myself

86) do you like energy drinks?

I had vodka monster once and saw god

87) would ever spend money on tf2 unusuals/csgo skins/gacha pulls/etc

I used to be obsessed with goatlings and nearly spent money on it thank god I didn't

88) when do you usually go to bed?

too late

89) how often do you wash your hair?

two to three times a week

90) would you download a car?

hell yeah

91) what was your favorite show as a kid?


92) whats the silliest hat you own?

berets are kinda silly right?

93) what album/song do you're feeling angsty


94) do you make OCs?

oh you mean my children? yeah I guess I have a few

95) whats the goofiest thing you do when completely alone?

perfume choreo (but like, really badly)

96) do you like fireworks?

in concept, yes. I hate loud noises though (unless it's music)

97) favorite painter?


98) favorite numbers?

2 and 4

99) what genre of vidya gaems are you really good at? (fps, fightan, danmaku, racing, whatever)

I can beat most people at tetris

100) time and date you finished this?

6/2/22 11:27