My Playlists

I didn't really get the appeal of playlists until 2020 hit, and now I love making them! This is a page to document my favourites.


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20hr+ playlist dedicated to japanese electropop (AKA j-electro or j-tek), my favourite genre!!!

instead of drinking coffee i listen to this to wake me up. works everytime.

vocaloid playlist. i don't think i need to explain this. funny voice synths!!!.

my on repeat playlist a.k.a whatever horrible decisions I happen to be making this month

don't ask why my k-pop playlist is called this

recently I realised I haven't grown out of kawaii future bass :/

check out my spotify for more playlists!

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I hate how youtube embeds playlists but I work hard on these too so I'm putting them here! If you want to see the full tracklist and title, click the hamburger menu icon

Youtube version of J-electro ruined my life. Japanese music labels are allergic to putting songs on streaming, or anywhere tbh so there's some rare(ish) stuff on here

misc. songs I just rlly like that I can't find anywhere else

Youtube version of vocaloid playlist. I feel like the PVs are half the fun of vocaloid right?

what's better than a good mashup? this is a trick question there isn't anything better than a good mashup

all the songs I've uploaded to youtube

maybe cheating, cause it's not all songs, and it's not as complete as other playlists. but ya it's my perfume playlist

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Other People's Playlists

by music blogger Random J, inspired by the song Polygon Wave by Perfume. The vibe is 2000s pop, house and disco. it's so fucking good!!

music journalist (and good take haver) Patrick St Michel's best Japanese songs of 2023

the ultimate villain playlist imo