kitty listens to more albums

in 2020 I listened to like two songs and realised that in order to discover new music, you have to listen to new music. Here is my attempt to do that.


Name: Aleph
Artist: Gesaffelstein
Verdict: help I’m trapped in a warehouse
Fave songs: Pursuit, Hate or Glory, Nameless

solid state survivor

Name: Solid State Survivor
Artist: YMO
Verdict: this was the blueprint you can't not like ymo
Fave songs: Rydeen, Behind the Mask, Absolute Ego Dance


Name: Backwash
Artist: Teenage Bad Girl
Verdict: I'm surprised no one remembers this
Fave songs: Keep up with you, X Girl, Fast Blood Delivery


Name: Lovetheism
Artist: Haru Nemuri
Verdict: she killed it again
Fave songs: 愛よりたしかなものなんてない, pink unicorn, lovetheism


Name: Think: Peace
Artist: Clarence Clarity
Verdict: sounds like glittery sludge. But like, fun sludge.
Fave songs: Adam and the Evil, Vapid Feelings Ain’t Vapid, Naysayer Magick Obeyer

the 1975

Name: The 1975
Artist: The 1975
Verdict: I still can't stand Matty Healy
Fave songs: Chocolate, The City, Heart Out


Name: Origins
Artist: Danger
Verdict: extremely good but I wish danger would give his songs actual titles
Fave songs: 13:12, 16:56, 11:17


Name: Replica
Artist: Oneohtrix Point Never
Verdict: this is the wired
Fave songs: Andro, Explain, Sleep Dealer

electric girl

Name: Electric Girl
Artist: she
Verdict: sounds exactly what you expect a she album to sound like
Fave songs: Electric Girl, Heartbeats, Headshot


Name: Harlecore
Artist: Danny L Harle
Verdict: i'm having a stroke
Fave songs: Boing Beat


Name: Halfaxa
Artist: Grimes
Verdict: ooooooööö aaaaaæaåå
Fave songs: Weregild, Intro/Flowers, Sagrad Прекрасный


Name: Coltemonikha
Artist: Coltemonikha
Verdict: actually way more boring than I expected
Fave songs: Communication, Soratobu Hikari, Party Carronade

coltemonikha 2

Name: Coltemonikha 2
Artist: Coltemonikha
Verdict: more of the same. fun though.
Fave songs: namaiki, sleeping girl


Name: Slayyyter
Artist: Slayyyter
Verdict: the second half of the album is actually better
Fave songs: BFF, E-boy, Tattoo

oracular spectacular

Name: Oracular Spectacular
Artist: MGMT
Verdict: it's alright ig
Fave songs: Electric feel, the handshake

a brief inquiry into online relationships

Name: A brief inquiry into online relationships
Artist: The 1975
Verdict: either really great or extremely boring and ugly
Fave songs: it's not living if it's not with you, tootimetootimetootime, love it if we made it


Name: Hot Pink
Artist: Doja Cat
Verdict: it's really horny.
Fave songs: Say So, Bottom Bitch, Rules

answers from x girlz

Name: Answer From X Girlz
Artist: t+pazolite
Verdict: t+pazolite is better at making songs and not albums
Fave songs: Cheatreal, Diskommunication, Pump up NRG

the one

Name: The One
Artist: Shinichi Osawa
Verdict: this. shit. slaps
Fave songs: Our Song, Last Days, Maxmum Joy

lei line eon

Name: Lei Line Eon
Artist: iglooghost
Verdict: I feel extremely at peace. mmmmm
Fave songs: pure grey circle, light gutter, UI birth


Name: Superman
Artist: Wednesday Campanella
Verdict: everyone involved here is a genius
Fave songs: Aladdin, Genghis khan, onyankopon

heaven to a tortured mind

Name: Heaven To a Tortured Mind
Artist: Yves Tumour
Verdict: need to listen to this as the sun is setting to get the full experience I think
Fave songs: Super stars, Gospel for a new Century, Kerosene!


Name: Play
Artist: Namie Amuro
Verdict: mostly boring but I love the cover lol
Fave songs: Hide and Seek, baby don’t cry, can’t sleep can’t eat I’m sick


Name: Adventure
Artist: Madeon
Verdict: Madeon i’m sorry for thinking you were an untalented french twink I didn’t mean it
Fave songs: Icarus, Imperium, Cut the Kid


Artist: SEBii
Verdict: 18 minutes felt like 5
Fave songs: jealous of the stars, how could I tell you?, breakOUT