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Maisie is the daughter of the Crow CEO (one of the world's biggest tech companies) and as a result, has no idea how society actually works. Unfortunately for her, she needs to learn fast because her parents bribed her way into university and now she has to deal with the actual real world that everyone else lives in. This is difficult because as well as being socially inept, she's kind of stupid.

This situation has left her in a downward spiral that causes her to realise she has never had any control over her life and has no idea what she even wants to do with it. Her family senses that she has no idea how to take care of herself and have sent a robot to help her. She seems like kind of a bitch though and I'm sure this event won't dramatically alter Maisie's life in any way.
age: 20
species: human
serial no: n/a
hobby: lying face down on her sofa
theme: love or lies - capsule
trivia: I made her up for an english class about 5 years ago at this point
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notice: subject has been missing since 22/6. please report to crow inc. if sighted