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Shake It- Metro Station (Yasutaka Nakata remix)

Status: existence confirmed, not found

I found out about this remix from the discography page of fyystk. It immediately stuck with me because obviously, Shake it is the song from That One Vine and the music video is a late 2000s time capsule so the idea of Nakata remixing it was pretty funny. Unfortunately, the remix has never been released. I asked fyystk about this (anonymously) and basically, it was listed on the old capsule website but has never surfaced anywhere. In fact, the listing on the website never even mentions that it was the Metro Station song. It’s possible it was a remix of a completely different song called shake it. However, due to the fact that the date on the website matches the Japanese release of the Shake it single, it’s likely it is the song by Metro Station that was remixed by Nakata.

I tried searching for this song a little bit and had an idea. Nakata used to DJ a lot before the world ended. It’s completely possible he played this song in a set once, and if someone recorded the show there’s a chance to hear the remix. Turns out, HE HAS PLAYED THIS SONG. According to this blog post he played it as part of his “FLASH!!!” DJ tour in 2010. This blog is still active so I could ask if he has footage from this event, unfortunately, I can’t speak Japanese and I can’t find a way to phrase the question so that google translate can’t mangle it. If anyone has any advice on this let me know, since this is basically the only lead.