Love the World MV (in colour)- Perfume

Status: Partially found

Perfume released their single Love the World on July 9th 2008. Interestingly, the music video for this song is entirely in black and white despite the fact it was filmed in colour. Soon after, the song was featured in a commercial for the sharp au w62sH flip phone. It briefly shows the dance sequence in the music video. However, this time it showed the sequence in full colour. To tie in with the CM, this short colour version was made available as a ringtone movie

Unfortunately, all that seems to exist today of this video is a picture from a blog post, which looks noticeably different from how the MV appears in the commercial. Apart from this picture and clip from the commercial, the colour version of the love the world is not available anywhere. Perfume have released two collections of their MVs over the years but have never included the colour version of love the world.

The plot also potentially thickens, with a different blog post describing a DVD with the colour MV included that can be won by a lottery if you purchase the phone. However, this is the only mention I can find of a DVD being included. In fact, the natalie.mu article linked above says the colour mv is exclusively a ringtone movie and will not be released anywhere else. This makes me think this claim in the blog post is entirely made-up. However, I think a high quality version does exist somewhere and there is a chance it can be found.

Recently, a fan tried to colourise the existing black and white MV using AI. This got copyright claimed on youtube but it can be downloaded with a converter. It's not perfect, but it’s interesting to see what it would have looked like.

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thank you to pompon for help with research!