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22.10.20- tried to use iframe to fix sidebar again. gave up again and just updated each page with the sidebar individually.

16.10.20- changed oc page css. changed prfm shrine css. new blog post

14.10.20- tried to fix by sidebar using iframe. it didn't fucking work. new blog post

12.10.20- new blog post

9.10.20- added blog page + added first post. maybe don't read it.

8.10.20- added update section. added traditional art link to gallery page

to do

make a page for each of my OCs?

add more pages to the perfume shrine

make about page more visually appealing + less text heavy

give digital art gallery better css

add more entires to the dino list

fix navigation bar css

new horizons screenshot gallery

give d-topia history the current css + more info + pics

make the background more interesting

Add a collection page

add a marquee to the index

give blog page better css