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Artists icon of a painting in a frame

Chikuwamiel Dreamy anime style illustrations. My childhood favourite artist
Asae Soya Installations and paintings inspired by light and flowers
Kazuki Umezawa Anime girl collagist
Lily Van Der Stokker Pastel installation art in the style of doodles
Emily Mulenga Video and installation artist focusing on the internet from a female perspective
Pip and Pop Cute installations made of sugar
Nirakul Archives Amazing artist site in the style of a mysterious house! Lots to explore!
Amnyuixx Cool kawaii pixel artist
Sato Yuka Cute characters
Pecori More cute characters
Yuni Yoshida Very chic and sexy graphic design focused on making things look like other things... It makes sense when you see it ok
Michael McKenzie Colourful abstract paintings
Madoka Kinoshita Acrylic portraits of anime girls. Also has a very relaxing youtube channel!
Justin Mortimer Creepy and surreal work combining painting and photo manipulation
GraphersRock My favourite graphic designer
Dan Lam Slime sculptures made from resin
Raw'n'Wild Chaotic digital collages
Rachel Maclean Video artist tackling feminism and cuteness. Excellent website design.
Ben Giles The blueprint
Yoh Nagao Colorful illustrations and collages
Lu Yang LuYang is a human
Jaden Vargen Fanartist of all time. Amazing use of colour.
paper rad I don't know what's going on here but it's cool
Valerie Hegarty Installation artist focused on destruction
Kaneoya Sachiko Edgy and retro anime-style illustration
Tokyo Illustrators Society Collection of illustrators
Cicadamarionette Fascinating artist and game dev site
Ogawa 3D Modeling Japanese 3D modelling company
Dream Puppets Australian company that makes cool puppets!
Hiromi Tango Bright textile and performance art
Ana Teresa Barboza Textile artist combining 2D and 3D
Judy Pfaff Chaotic installations
Cheap Freedom Club An online gallery open to anyone
Jacin Giordano Experiments with paint and color
Anne ten Donkelaar Pressed flower artist
Marisan Bakery Professional bread enjoyer
Edward Victor Insane sculptures
Nicole McLaughlin What if you made slippers out of a volleyball Iconic J-pop album cover designers
Nathalie Miebach Abstract and technical representations of the weather
Yurie Sekiya Over-the-top kawaii characters
Gregory Euclide Dream-like landscapes
Emma Parker Textile art about mental health
Jackie Liu New media artist and digital designer
Kosikan Japanese company creating intricate puppets, mascot costumes and more
Anna Firth Beautiful cel animations. Has also written tutorials!

Old Web/Nostalgia pink icon of a laptop

The amazing fishcam The oldest webcam still running! I used to slack off and watch this in computing class.
Pointer pointer A classic.
GUIbook Material relating to old graphical user interfaces
One Terabyte of Kilobyte age Art project that publishes screenshots of old Geocities pages multiple times a day. Visit the development blog for more info!
List of websites founded before 1995 My favourite Wikipedia list
Falling Down the Internet hole Tumblr documenting weird websites (most are dead links but still fun to look through)
Cameron's World Ode to old Geocities graphics
The Useless Web Click to discover a useless website!
Web Design Museum Documents the evolution of web design over time
Old LEGO Wallpapers Used to have the Millennium Falcon one on my dad's ancient PC
LEGO Website Flash Game Archive ...and I used to play these my dad's ancient PC
Line Rider The classic flash game

Tools pixel icon of scissors

RV's free Javascript/DHTML effects Fun web page effects
cursors-4u Cute cursors
textanim Animated text generator High quality music and movie images
3D Jungle Free Textures and 3D Models
famfamfam Free icons
Perchance Create random text generators
screenmusings High quality film screencaps
filmgrab Some more high quality film screencaps
Dr. Link Check Dead link checker. Literally a godsend
Boil the frog Create a seamless playlist between two musical artists
What the fuck should I listen to right now Find new artists to listen to, based on what you like already.
Receiptify Generate your most recent Spotify listened into a very #aesthetic looking receipt
CSS Gradient CSS gradients made easy!
Old Windows Icons Tumblr Tumblr blog archiving windows icons
X Degrees of Separation Made by Google (booooo) but it's a fun AI tool to show the visual connection between two pieces of art
Petpet generator Easily create those "hand petting cute creature" gifs
zenius-i-vanisher Find arcades near you! Create a mashup with any two songs, no musical talent required.
Just Delete Me Find out how to delete your account on (almost) any website
Nukemap See what would happen if your house (or literally anywhere) got hit with a nuclear bomb
TikTok TTS Use the TikTok text to speech without having to download TikTok
How Big Is My Browser Tells you the size of your browser window
80x15 Brilliant Button Maker Easily create a 80x15 button
Deceptive Patterns Helps you recognise deceptive web design techniques
URL parts Explains what each part of a URL means! (more interesting than it sounds)

Dress-up icon of a pink handheld mirror

syoujonoheya Gothic and guro dressup (cw: nsfw)
Charat Mae Japanese avator creator with lots of options!
Andypants Y2K style 3D avatar maker
Bizarre Dollhouse Dollmaker Gothic lolita dollmaker. Hosted on neocities!
Mirukuma Dollmaker Sweet lolita Dollmaker
CyberCamp2007 Scene kid dressup (the creator linked my blinkie page, ty!!)
化け猫アイコンメーカー Cat themed icon creator
secret cottage orca doll maker Cute orca dressup
secret cottage guys doll maker Cute guy dollmaker

Dolls icon of a blythe doll winking

Your daily dose of cuteness. Adorable miniature dioramas
Yu's cutie dolls Ancient site of a Japanese doll collector
Masashi Komura Unique sci-fi themed ooak dolls
The Toy Box Philosopher Scarily in-depth doll reviews
Puchi Collective Blythe doll tutorials
Tiny Feet Magazine Online doll magazine
Rosie Apples and Friends Blythe blog I used to love
Doll Junk Creative doll customs of all kinds
Shoujo Dolls Doll database for anime tie in dolls

Misc. pibk icon of a heart

Cachemonet vibes. idk how to explain this one Some fun web toys
Killed by Google Google's body count
How to Respond to Criticism The best online article ever written
meaniescomic My favourite webcomic (currently inactive, but the creator has a cool neocities!)
Annie Rauwerda The creator of depthsofwikipedia, the only good instagram account. Check out her LOL (lots of links) page
McMansion Hell Funny observations on ugly American houses
Y2K Aesthetic Institute You know this one
The Flipside Story Sexy mobile phone archive
Put it on a pedestal Create your own gif exhibit
ihatecilantro same
えんじぇるぱーく武蔵 Cool web design (cw: disturbing and flashing imagery)
Web3 is going great Crypto people taking Ls
entrances2hell Some nice tourist spots around the UK
Not Purple It sure isn't
Settei Dreams Anime model sheet collection
Brutalist websites Examples of brutalism in web design
LP archive Japanese site landing page archive. I use this for graphics and inspiration
Nakayoshi Back issues Archive of scans from Nakayoshi and other shoujo manga magazines
SailorSoapbox Everything you could possible want from a Sailor Moon fansite
てをつなごう だいさくせん Cute mascots from around the world join forces!
The Old Robot's Web Site Retro robot archive
Burial's & Beyond UK blog about death and burials
The Hillfigure Homepage Hillfigure fansite
Scanwiches Pictures of sandwich cross sections Genders according to online forms
FEMICOM The history of girly video games
Itabag Central Ultimate ita bag guide
COSPLAYER'S ROOM Webpage of some 90s cosplayers from Japan
バナーデザインアーカイブ Banner designs archived from Japanese websites
Palindrome City The internet's home for palindrome fun!