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Thanks to extreme unluck, Lily wakes up in a repair ward with all her memories gone. She does have guaranteed employment to make up for the damages, but her new job is to live with a tech CEO's useless daughter and keep her alive. So it's not looking great for her.

Despite this not so ideal situation, her insufferable personality remains intact; staying terminally optimistic and confident. Some people would say Lily’s vain but she would disagree. It's not her fault she was designed to be pretty :)))

Ever since the whole “losing all her memories” incident, she's been having weird dreams that feel very familiar. It's actually scientifically impossible for robots to dream, but I'm sure it's nothing to worry about, right?
age: n/a (currently programmed to be ~20 years old)
species: robot
serial no: 03
hobby: fashion, rhythm games
theme: secret secret - perfume
trivia: has "looks different everytime I draw her" disease
gallery: here
playlist: here
pinterest board: here

notice: robot property of crow inc. if product is faulty return to manufacturer