Very Important Yuri Manga Opinions

No one asked for this but it's here! The yuri shrine. This is here to share my thoughts and opinions on the girls kissing genre. The best genre. the only genre if you will. Entries with a star are my favourites

Warning: a lot of these series are nsfw/contain adult themes/are extremely lame etc. proceed with caution!

Killing me!* - Sadly cancelled after one volume for unknown reasons, killing me uses two of my favourite tropes: vampires and "they are in love but also trying to kill each other" Saki is an uptight vampire hunter and Miyoko is a cute pink haired vampire. Every night Saki tries to kill Miyoko but she just can't. Could it be because she's actually in love with Miyoko???? (yes) Shenanigans ensue. Akiyama's art is so gorgeous and they're just as good at rendering cute outfits as they are at action and blood stains. Everyday I pray that this series comes back, but in my heart I know it's unlikely. Don't read this unless you want to be severely disappointed that it has no real ending :(

Kase-san* - This is textbook yuri. There are two highschool girls. They are very different. But in love!!! I want to bawl my eyes out. All is well. Watching Takashima Hiromi's art improve over time is equally enjoyable.

That time I got blackmailed by the class' green tea bitch* - This starts out as a blackmail story (hence the title) but it's actually very silly and wholesome. This story isn't exactly groundbreaking or anything but its sense of humour and down to earth vibe makes it really stand out imo. I feel like a lot of school romances get kinda weird and drawn out and the characters' feelings are not relatable for any human person. However, this series makes me feel seen! I am looking Xian Jun directly in the eyes. The main characters remind me of two of my OCs so maybe this is why I'm so fond of the series lol.

Luminous=blue - kind of a weird but short series that makes you think about how cruel high schoolers are for like no reason. The wholesome ending was a nice surprise, but it also felt earned. I recommend!

So, do you want to go out or...* - honestly I can't stand for slander of this manga. It's literally a masterpiece as far as I'm concerned. Miwa is gay. Saeko is also gay. Both become friends, then girlfriends because why not? For a comedy series, it actually gets really dark and messy. There's childhood trauma, repression and miscommunication. Basically, it's not afraid to show that relationships are really scary and complex. But the characters are likeable for all their flaws and I can't help but root for Saeko and Miwa. Tmfly's art is amazing and I love how each character looks so distinct.

Virgin's empire - I literally don't get the appeal

Scarlet - This is messy as hell, pointlessly edgy, never getting finished and the art isn't even that good. The aesthetic gives me Attack on Titan vibes (derogatory). However. The author lets you know that the two leads can, do and often fuck and I respect that. Anyway I don't recommend this one unless you have something wrong with you.

My girlfriend's not here today - from the author of the previously mentioned luminous=blue comes more girls being horrible to each other!!! This one warns of the dangers of getting too enthusiastic with your twitter vent account (very relatable for the teens) I don't think this is going to end well but I'm along for the ride.

A monster wants to eat me - This series is basically almost horror with a predictable tragic backstory (her family died in a car accident???? no one has ever done that before). However, the recent twist was great and I'm really interested to see where it goes.

Citrus - Don't read this one.

Bloom Into you - This is overrated as hell don't read this one either.

Office Romance: Women's division - Honestly I thought I hated Akiko Morishima's stuff (Hanjuku Joshi took 10 years off my life) but this manga is very cute and well-written!!! It follows a group of women that all work at a wedding company and the various romantic entanglements that happen. Morishima should just write about adult women for the rest of her life and never touch a school setting again.

Hello, melancholic! - I kind of felt less enthusiastic about this towards the end (ah yes, the classic the-reason-we-can't-be-together-is-arbitruary-and-drawn-out) but I love how the main character found confidence in herself and grew as a person, not because she changed her appearance but because she found a group of people who understood her and encouraged her to pursue her passions! The side romance is also very nice, but suffers from the same problem I mentioned previously.

After Hours - The first entry on the list where I actually kind of dislike the art but still. The plot is cute and I live for the women in electronic music representation.

Still Sick - I'm in two minds about this series. On one hand, I liked how it handled the way the main character used fiction as a shield from having to deal with her sexuality. On the other hand, I think her love interest was kind of mean and shitty :( Even though both characters have grown by the end it still mad me sad to think that the main character fell for someone so manipulative.