My Collection


Lavender Hug, FBL

Lilac was my first Blythe and bought for me by my family for my birthday. To this day I think of that birthday so fondly. I've thought of customising her multiple times (she kind of needs a gaze lift) but part of me just wants to keep her the way she is. She only wears pastels.


Hi Ho Marine, RBL+

My second Blythe has a fun story attached. I won Emi in the raffle at BlytheCon UK 2014! After this happened I have never won any competition that I've entered, so I think I used up all my luck on her. She always wear bright colors, along with her stock glasses.


Pullip MIO

She's the first doll I customised. It was a stressful but super fun experience. Obviously she's not perfect, but that's what makes her unique.


A bootleg Sindy doll I customised. Her face, hair, socks and eyepatch are all by me! She is also on a DC superhero girl body. Her sword is a letter opener lol.


My Furbies are named Ketchup (left) and Pepper (right). I bought them during the furby craze of 2020 and I got a bit obsessed. I still love seeing them on my shelf everyday. Plus, as you can see from these pics, they are very photogenic.

More coming soon!