Everything not listed here is either credited on the page it appears, made by me, or I don’t know the source. If you have corrections for this page you can email me at

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main pages

Line dividers, "up" icons on navigation page and the main background and are from frank-web

Container background is from here

Navigation bar code is by templaterr

gif dividers and rainbow gifs in the header were found on gifcities

Cursor sparkles and rainbow text for the header is from here

Rainbow cursor is from cursors-4u

Neocities, "goodnight" and "forever online" buttons on the home page are by hello sailor


Line dividers and backgrounds on both generator pages are from fool lovers

Pastel Galaxy Background on the OCs page is from here

Title text on the blinkies page was made using textanim

Background on the homepage of the Aira Mitsuki shrine is from freepik

Modal code on the Perfume shrine from here

Album cover pictures are from contributers to and generasia