Aira is a Japanese singer and lyricist who is most known for her work with the mysterious music producer Terukado in the late 2000s.

Her highest charting (and my favourite) album is 2009's "Plastic", which contrasts a cute aesthetic with a sometimes harsh and experimental sound.

Aira left her label D-Topia in 2013 to go on hiatus. She returned in 2015 with the single "Animo!" produced by DJ'Tekina//Something, a.k.a the vocaloid producer Yuyoyuppe.

Her latest album is "Pyramidal", which was released independently in 2017. It is her only album currently available on streaming services and was produced by Ize Mac.

In total Aira has released 7 albums, including a collaboration album with her former labelmate Saori@destiny. Aira cites Saori as one of her biggest inspirations, along with the artists Perfume and Justice.